U. S. Highway Transportation in Southeast Wyoming

Interstate 80 is a transcontinental highway running from California to New York.  It runs through the southern part of Wyoming, linking the east to the west.  I-80 runs through Albany and Laramie Counties in southeast Wyoming.

Interstate 25 is the main north–south expressway through Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico.   I-25 runs through Laramie and Platte Counties in southeast Wyoming.

U.S. Highway 85 is a north-south highway that runs from El Paso Texas through North Dakota and into Canada.  US Hwy 85 runs through Laramie and Goshen Counties in southeast Wyoming.

U.S. Route 26 is a major cross-state state highway from Oregon through Nebraska.  Much of Route 26 follows the path of the historic Oregon Trail.  It runs through Goshen and Platte Counties in southeast Wyoming.

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